A Curation Compilation for the Home Education Community. #6

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I'm a day later than usual with the curation collection this week. With the lead up to Christmas schedules get changed around and I didn't get chance to find my usual time slot. Not to worry, it means I caught a new post I may have missed otherwise.

I hope you enjoy what we have for you this week.



In response to last week's question about why we chose to homeschool, @trucklife-family shares her thoughts on how children have their own drive to learn which she believes should be nourished in a way that it can't be in schools.


This week there's a call from @johndoer123 to test out the program he's been working hard on for recording homeschool and unschool work completed by students. At the moment he just needs a show of hands, ready for when testing can begin. This could be a valuable resource for those in areas where long term records need to be kept by home educating families.


The @kindredacres family went on an exhausting, but fun field trip this week. It's amazing how much can be fit into one trip to the city!


@ownbubble shares the artistic talent of her daughter and gratitude that homeschooling has allowed her to spend more time on her creative side.



If you're a home educator or are thinking about home educating, please join us on discord.

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what a wonderful curation and so happy to be amongst these fine posts, thanks so much @homeedders xx

Not at all. Thank you for taking the time to get involved.

Thank you for curating 😀 I love the other posts you've featured too 😍

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