Fun with Geometry

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With such a busy week (as per usual) here in my flying circus of monkeys (four kids, of course!) I almost forgot about the challenge I wanted to enter! @homedders challenges us to share a fun project we have enjoyed with the kiddos. You can read a little more about it here:

Since I really feel it's important to keep the homeschool conversations going here on steem, I dug up an easy "oldie but goodie" to share with you all. It was a fun art project I did with @cassidydawn and @aurynthenorse several years ago, probably 1st or 2nd grade.

I also made several nice prints and framed them for special family members holiday gifts that year. Grandparents and the like LOVE art presents from kids they can show all their friends!

Please forgive the photos, they don't do justice, but the better pics were on a different hard drive.


This was @cassidydawn's creation.


@aurynthenorse was a bit more abstract with his tree.

As you can see, it's super easy and fun!

First, use a ruler and a pencil and make blank paper into a grid.

Next, draw a circle in the top/middle of the paper.

Then, draw a tree that has a trunk going to the circle and the bulk of the tree inside the circle. You dont want anything other than the trunk outside the circle.

Use an eraser to get all the pencil marks from the grid out of the tree. Use a marker to make a dark outline around the edges of the tree. Decorate the inside of the tree however you like.

The next step is to put cool colors alternating in all the squares outside the circle and the tree.

Finally, use warm colors to color the grid inside the circle you drew!

This easy art project helps kids to use a ruler, learn basic geometric concepts, color contrasts, use of warm/cool colors, tree drawing, and so much more!

For clarification, this project was one that we did, not one we invented.

Thanks for reading!


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That's a fun way to play around with geometry. You've just reminded me of a project I did with my youngest a couple of years back. It was on the wall in her room for ages, but I'm not sure if we still have it now. We had a bit of a purge when we redecorated her room.

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