The New and Improved, Updated (and enhanced with Technicolor) List of Farm-Fresh, Free-Range, Fair-Trade HOMESCHOOLERS ON STEEMIT

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I hope that Steemit continues to evolve to a forum for serious exchange of ideas around homeschooling and education. I’ve been seeing some great articles and enjoy the community that is sprouting.


A few highlights this week:

Unschool Your Children While Using Curriculum by @texasboys - A review of and some reflection on why unschooling can incorporate a "boxed" curriculum. Written by a parent with deep experience in schooling various levels of kids.

Considering home school? Why it was the right choice for us by @flusterfarm. Highlights the flexibility, one-on-one instruction, less screen time and applied learning that has made their schooling successful.

I have compiled a list of members that are writing about homeschooling. It’s a big umbrella- I mean this to include anyone who is schooling outside of an institutional setting, encompassing unschooling, roadschooling, co-op online education or some combination of methods.

Here’s the list - with distinguishing features highlighted, when they have been apparent. Please correct me and add to this! I will update this frequently. I encourage you to follow many (most! all!) of the people on this list so that we can cultivate great dialogue!

Homeschool Content Creators

@canadian-coconut Writes passionate, original content about parenting philosophy and resteems important schooling articles that come up. One of my favorite follows.
@jrhughes “Shit Parents Say” - extensive writing about the unschooling journey
@luvabi Emphasized science content and how she homeschools her two kids.
@farmandadventure Homeschooler, curating a lot of homesteading content.
@clickinchicken A homesteader who writes with tenderness about cultivating animals, including children
@markwhittam Swede who is taking the bold step of leaving the country so that he can avoid compulsory state education. Also a tiny house proponent.
@ilovedietcoke An unschooler who writes about methodology
@sallylloyd Peaceful parent, homeschooler and homeopath
@emancipatedhuman “Homeschooling - Give it a Try”
@rocketbee Reflects on “Lessons I Wish I had taught my kids”
@cm1 New member, homeschools her children and also writes about autism and epilepsy. Co-creator of Saturn Music - a homeschool resource (see below)
@kafkanarchy84 Unschooler living a “voluntary” life in Japan.
@belindahhq Mom, homeschooler and homeschooled - an interesting perspective
@trippinsaputos Self-sustaining, off-grid homeschoolers, just getting started on Steem
@tecnosgirl Homeschooler, interesting writing on Asperger’s in her son
@pennsif Reflections on life skills and how they are best taught
@misslasvegas Unschooler with interesting original content.
@lexikon082 Chronicles the daily family life of a homeschooler - down to the lunch meat
@sallyjay Raising Three Little Entrpreneurs
@steeminganarchy Author of one of the most circulated pieces on alternative schooling on Steem, “Top 3 Reason Unschool”

New Content Creators in this edition
@uruiamme - promises to be writing content that will "blow your mind"
@dolphinstudios is traveling with family in Asia and writes rich and detailed posts
@sahomeschoolers - writing about "Independent information on home education in South Africa"
@gian - unschooling father in South Africa, creating Earth Haven for communal living and education
@summertooth - homeschooling dad living in Oregon
@ladyrebecca - homeschooling in Romania
@samstonehill - Openly homeschooling his son on Steemit - creating a template for others to comment on.
@texasboys - four brothers relocated to Texas: Homeschooling, Homesteading, & growing as a family.
@flusterfarm - homesteader who writes with detail on why homeschooling is the right choice for her family
@ryivhnn - Detailed monthly roundups of her 8 and 12 year old's adventures in homeschooling. A real "window" into how it actually works."
@Crosheille - inspiration and encouragement for homeschoolers

Homeschool Kids on Steemit:
@haydenpatrick “14 year old homeschooler, artist, perpetual traveller and entrepreneur”

Homeschool Resources (people blogging educational content):
@apod - Astronomy Picture of the Day
@artwithflo - Art Tutorials, focus on digital art
@diracdnb - Bringing the joy of Physics to Steemit
@math-trail - excellent compendium of math content on steemit, as well as original content
@rycharde - math puzzles(with prizes!) and math reflection

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Awesome list! We're honored to be on it. We love unschooling and sharing our journey. We're life-long learners and we are so happy to see so many others on the list we can connect with and learn from. Thanks for creating it!

Thank you for compiling this list. I resteemed it, partially so I'd have it my blog so that I can come back to it for reference.

My wife may join steemit and write about our #homeschool experience. I will probably also post about our children's learning, especially on their experience and progress learning to program.

My wife @ch4nel just joined Steemit and one of her posting topics is homeschooling. Here's her introduceyourself post.

I am way beyond having school age kids but I do enjoy the posts from many of the people on this list. I agree with @misslasvegas:
The beautiful thing about home schooling is that not only the children learn, but it's a great learning curve for us parents as well.

The intelligence of those parents who are stimulated by homeschooling share their stories and ideas with us, thereby passing on their original and exciting experiences to us.

Awesome list. I just joined Steemit, but I've been home/unschooling my kids for a decade now, and writing about it at and other places.

I founded a company based on the self-directed learning philosophy as well!

@beriberi could you possibly resteem this post- I tried to resteem it but because it's 7 months old, maybe I can't due to a time limit. I would really like to keep this list relevant for my own group on home/unschoolers :D

Wow, what an honour to be mentioned here @beriberi :) Thank you for the kind words! Homeschoolers/Unschoolers/Worldschoolers somehow seem to find each other everywhere, because a lot of the people you mention are already on my list of people to follow. But this is a great list to go through and learn with and from others. The beautiful thing about home schooling is that not only the children learn, but it's a great learning curve for us parents as well. Never a dull day! Looking forward to meet more homeschool people. It's great company to be in.

Thank you for the list - I have also added 2 worksheets on steemiteducation - I think it is wonderful that people look into homeschooling

So glad to see the homeschool/homestead community growing on Steemit! Thanks @beriberi for the update. Resteemed :)

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I'm just new to Steemit, and I'm currently convincing our homeschool group in Malta to all join up here. This is a fantastic list- thank you!