Hello, my name is Joshua. I am The Homeschool Kid.

Today, I got my 2nd monthly subscription kit from Tinker Crate! This kit is called: Make Your Own Hydraulic Claw. I talked about these kits in the post about my birthday. Please check out this post if you missed it, https://steemit.com/homeschool/@thehomeschoolkid/it-is-my-11th-birthday. This kit teaches how hydraulics work. I highly recommend that you sign up for these subscription kits: https://www.kiwico.com/.

In this kit you build a hydraulic assembly by using two syringes and one thin plastic tube small enough to fit the tip of the syringe. To make a hydraulic assembly you take one of the syringes and fill it up with water. Take the plastic tube and attach it to your syringe. Put the tube in the water, squirt all of the water out of the syringe, and then pull the plunger back again. This will fill the syringe and the tube up with water. Then take the 2nd syringe and attach it to the other side of the tube. Try pushing the plunger of one of the syringes. This should automatically push the other plunger of the 2nd syringe back.

This is my hydraulic claw.




These are the syringes.



Watch this video to see it in action.

Watch this video to see how it works.

Stay tuned for more posts from The Homeschool Kid.
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Very cool, many years ago when I was around your age we had 'Erector Sets"

That is really awesome. I have a 9 year old son and we homeschool as well. I will have to look into this for him. He would love it. Keep up the good work

That's really cool! My brother got a tinker crate subscription for his birthday too, and it happened to be a hydraulics claw!

My kids loved this one too!


Did they try it?

That’s really cool and looks like a lot of fun!

You could have a little fun and add some food coloring to each syringe. Use different colors and it would make it easier to tell which 'cylinder' each 'control' is hooked to.

That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing

Simple, but shows the power of hydraulics!

This is a pretty cool project. So each month you will get another different type of kit to build?

That's a really cool demonstration of hydraulics.In your opinion what was the most important thing you learned about hydraulics from this project?

Keep up these posts, Joshua. Its great to hear from homeschooled kids, not just from parents and 'experts'.