Homemade Baby’s Play Gym

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Do you have a baby (infant) who does not yet go and sit, but is not sleeping all day? These babies are inquisitive (at least ours certainly), they want to see everything, try to take different things into the hands and also into the mouth. These babies are already playing in their own way. Their toys are mainly different rattles and teethers, but they are interested in everything that moves or makes some sound.
A Baby’s Play Gym is a great way to entertain these kids, it is a wonderful toy, at least according to me. Yes, it can be bought in almost every toy shop, but you can easily make it.
We have a lot of toys at home, so I thought I'd make the missing Baby’s Play Gym myself. Self-made something produce has undeniable benefits. It usually does not cost much. You are amused during production. And the joy others of your work is a great reward and satisfaction. And in this case, the smile was incredibly amazing!

Price: max. 9$
Production time: max. 1 hour

What will we need:

  • Hula-Hoop


  • wooden lath (for the pedestal) 1,8 m (cut into 4 parts, 2x60 cm and 2x30 cm) but we can use other dimensions


  • fasteners (wood screws, washers and brackets)


  • Nylon Cable Ties


  • saw, screwdriver, knife, toys (for hanging) and especially good mood, taste, ​and courage


1. First, disconnect Hula-hoop and cut it to the desired size.


2. On the longer laths, we mark the position where we screw the shorter lath (the whole pedestal will be T-shaped, of coursewe have two). After the measurement, we screw the laths using brackets and screws together.

3. The hoop must somehow hold on a pedestal. We use a connecting part from Hula-hoop that we cut into two parts. Using the washers and screws attach connecting parts to the pedestals.

4. Completion. On the hoop we will fasten the cable ties to keep the toys on Baby’s Play Gym.

Now we have to fix the hoop on the pedestals and hang up the toys and we're done.
The reward is the joy and smile of the baby.


As you can see, it is not complicated. Virtually everyone can do it and the joy of the baby is worth the time.


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aww ,, very funny baby ,, love toys. parents who have creative


Thank you very much!
I'm trying to be very creative. ;) I try to give my son everything he needs.


keep your friends, hopefully will be born new creatives from you

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Qué bien, sencillo y práctico, muy fácil de hacer. Gracias @petecko por el paso a paso de este hermoso centro de juego para los niños.


Gracias por sus amables palabras. Me alegra que le guste el trabajo. Mi pequeño todavía está emocionado.