Adventures with the Homeless - Part 1 - My Life was CRAZY

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For those that do not know...I am the curator of Sharing Society, a platform in development to share resources in the community with it's first goal to help those in most need, i.e. the homeless through bringing back the barter system.

I began working on this project over 2 years ago in early 2017 when you could (and I do) say I was "spiritually high" coming off of a hardcore fast; what is now known as a dry fast in a spiritual/health retreat from February 2017 where in one of the exercises I spelled out my dreams of building this platform that I'd been putting off for years.

So there I was, open to do whatever it takes and met a homeless couple who inspired me to get out, meet homeless and thus learn what life is like and in that I would definitely know how to help people in that situation. It was my life's calling and I was ready to get outside of my comfort zone; fully shedding my social anxiety to meet the most gritty and desperate people in society; but I did not see it that way. These people I met became my friends and I learned so much from them.

As I sit here 2 years later I'm finally pouring over the initial footage I started when I got my first gopro in May 2017. I am finally going back and labeling the videos and was initially torn between posting them on Sharing Society NorCal video channel and my own called TOC Me which is my life vlog.

Videos List from first Sharing Society GoPro Footage 2017-05.jpg

I've been honestly extremely nervous and in possibly even go so far to say scared to death about posting the backlog of videos of my life. So thus I've been putting this off for months on end despite my extreme passion for eventually getting this all out there to share what I've been through and thus how it is molded me to who I am, as I do truly believe, we are a product of our environment.

The first video series is the clothing giveaway

I literally pack my small compact car completely full of bins of clothes I collected to give exchange with poor and homeless. At first I could not even close my door:
clothes bins in car 2017-05-20.jpg

  • There is a video of me driving to Nevada 6 hours to pickup a homeless friend of a homeless friend who was threatening suicide after her boyfriend and her got separated and/or brokeup on the way there.
  • There is a video of me sleeping in a parking lot as an experiment to see what it's like being homeless for a night
  • There is a video of my best friend (homeless) harassing me on the phone over I can't even remember what!
  • There is a video of my reaction after being punched in the face
  • There is a video of my reaction after being bit by a dog owned by the homeless
  • There is a video of the beef between my (ex?) best friend and the rest of the homeless

All these are literally within the same few days period

My life was pretty damn crazy at this time.

I don't think I'm neither embarrassed or proud. I know I learned a lot about society and that I no longer had a fear of meeting people or being around strangers.

I'm still labeling the files with a description of what happens in each video for future use; then I'm still not sure what to do; just upload each video online like a data dump? Combine a series of related videos into one? Combine each day's videos into a vlog for each day like a summary?

I need your feedback. Please leave comments. This is one of the biggest decisions of my life I feel.


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I'm homeless and yes this isn't a good life. No matter what the city.

Love and respect.

Would. Love to invite you to @theplayersclub.

I'm starting a small group really blowing up and helping others.

Thank you for sharing this story. Crazy how people live that life daily...

Peace and love brother! Where are you at?

followed and thanks for resteem

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