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#homebaking some may say baking with a toddler is troublesome, I would agree but I also love it. It's a great way to engage with them, teach them basic life skills all while getting an editable product at the end. .

Lucky for me I have never been very anal about sticking to a recipe, so when I run out of things, I just alternate for another or use less of that and more of the other. .

So when my son uses the flour as a body scrub or eats a portion of the dough pre baking, I'm more inclined to stop take a photo and ask him how feels or tastes, then get too upset or hurry him along, as in all honesty im only really baking for him, so why not let him enjoy it. .

It's also great sensory play, with various textures to feel and nothing harmful for them if they eat it. .

Dont get me wrong the first few times were a bit of a diaster, flour everywhere, more on the floor and on his body than in the bowl but now his getting to be quite a pro at the basic steps and where he can help, play and eat. .

While he was very well behaved this round we did ran out of caster sugar, I could have gone and asked the neighbour for some but that involved putting clothing on. .

So we used remainder of the brown and when that ran out we added honey. The honey made it too runny, that or it could have been the flour that went in his hair instead of the bowl so we added more flour. .

TIP: If you are doing it with a toddler, strip them down first. They will get dirty. Also we use a kitchen helper, it's a frame for him to stand on that brings him up to the level of the bench, he has steps to get up and a latch that closes behind him, so he can't fall backwards out of it. .

We made three variants of the cookie, #strawberryjamdrops #apricotjamdrops #chocchipcookies they all taste great regardless of no recipe adherence. .

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We were old school and used a chair 🤣

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