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It's time for another update. We promised to give Breadcrumbs more ingame usecases until the end of February and now it's time to launch the update. These are the first real usecases for Breadcrumbs besides the distribution of our prize pool. The update will be activated in the next hours and the server will be down for roughly 5-15 minutes.


1. Premium Lite

Players will be able to activate Premium Lite. It's like a subscription which can be stopped at any time. The payment is automatically once activated and is paid in Breadcrumbs (ingame) every 24 hours.

Premium Lite is a smaller version of Premium and gives the following advantages:

  • 12 more slots in the item inventory
  • 3 more slots in the hero inventory
  • Saved energy tank size increased to 200

Premium Lite is perfect for players who can't afford Premium and still want to have part of the premium advantages.

2. Potions

There is a new section in the game called "Potions". Players are able to choose between seven different potions with different buffs. It's only possible to have three of these potions active at the same time so players have to decide which they like the most. Do I want my team to be stronger? Do I want more Gold? Do I want more items? Players have to make a decision.

The seven potions also come in three different sizes so every player is able to afford them. Potions last for seven days and cost Breadcrumbs or Bread.

3. Small changes

With this update we also make a few small changes:

  • Repairing items costs Breadcrumbs instead of Gold
  • Durability for new items is lower now (normal items 100 instead of 200)
  • Rerolling items in the item store is slighly more expensive now

In addition to the changes you can send your Breadcrumbs from Steem Engine back ingame.

Next future updates

Combining items

We won't give much details but it will be possible to combine similar items into a stronger one.

Giving inactive heroes usecases

Heroes which are not in the team will have the option to do passive jobs to generate xp, gold etc.

We are excited to see the update in action. We are already working on the next updates.


Great news i started playing 3 days ago, and happy about the update 🤘

Keep coding ♥️

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Sounds like promising changes... It'll be good to add more utility to crumbs... Makes me wish I didn't just sell them all!

I have not sold any so far. I currently (2020.02.28, 17:07 CET) have 109 275 breadcrumbs.

I've sold ALOT... Assuming I'm reading my steem-engine history right, I've sold close to 3 million.
From what I saw yesterday, it took 10-15 thousand to repair a single piece of gear... So I probably won't be selling as much from now on.

Nice to see more uses! Glad I have been holding onto mine for the most part.

Sehr geil.
Freue mich schon drauf.


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Joo, das sieht gut aus und macht strategisch viel Sinn.

Weiter so und hier nen !BEER vom BEERmacher.

It's true whoever said, exciting times are coming. Congratulations for coming up with all of these exciting options and in this many numbers.

Das update hört sich richtig gut an. Macht es wieder interessanter und die Krumen kriegen den Usecase. Topp! WEITER SO.

This update sounds really good. It makes it more interresting, and the Crumbles are getting it's usecase. GO ON

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Love the changes!! :D Just bought my 3 potions for the week, hehe. Looking forward to giving my inactive heroes something to do. :) And item combination!! Might start keeping some things now instead of vendoring it all.

Ich bin begeistert. Das klingt nach ernster Konkurrenz für Splinterlands. :)
Weiter so!

Well done! Thank you for such long awaited update)

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I knew the Breadcrumb use cases were coming!
So glad to see them getting used and I may yet be able to store more energy while out over the weekend, by getting premium lite. :D

Great updates!!! Keep 'em comin'

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So much love this update. Reason I've been stacking my Breadcrumbs


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Dear @holybread, @auminda

Whati is Potion of Speed and how does it work? I'm not sure how to understand 'faster quests'. Does it only shorten time of all quests or does it do anything else?

Yours, Piotr

@crypto.piotr potion of speed shortens the time of your quests. Almost as of you skip them for Bread. It does not give you more energy through.

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Hi again @auminda

Thank you for your reply.

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

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