Introduction of my Steemit-funded 'kickstarter' project: 3D auto stereoscopic images

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For some years now I have this idea in my head to create a true 3D auto stereoscopic image. It’s a bit like the holograms that most people probably know. As a kid my parents had these magazines from ‘National Geographic’ lying around the house:

On the cover of the first magazine, a hologram of a human skull was featured. And the second cover had a hologram of a globe on it. As a kid I could not stop looking at them… I thought they were so magical!

Now, many years later, I’m an engineer in the field of embedded systems. And in my spare time I do many ‘geek’ projects. Just for fun, mostly. In that sense I’m still that little boy. I’m lucky my girlfriend is also geeky, so she understands ;-p. A few days ago I was looking at my YouTube channel. I found a movie I made 5 years ago. It featured a homemade auto-stereoscopic image I made. I was shocked! Was it already 5 years ago that I was working on this awesome project?! I said to myself: “I need to get started again with that project, because it’s potential is so amazing!”.

My experiment with creating a home-made auto-stereoscopic image

It’s like the hologram images on the covers of those National Geographic magazines, but then in full-color! And, unlike holograms, it has the potential to be used in combination with high definition displays. This allows the creation of super cool animated and interactive auto-stereoscopic content!

But as you can see from the movie above, i'm not quite there yet! I have many of ideas to improve this concept, but unfortunately not the means to do so. That's why I would like to try to see if Steemit as a platform can be used to raise funds.

Of course I can try to start a project on Kickstarter or any such site. But I also love crypto-currencies and I love the idea that Steemit might be used for funding these kind of projects. That would be an experiment for me all by itself. And I also like the idea that there is a natural intensive to keep the Steemit community up-to-date on the progress of the project. Because updates posted on Steemit would also potentially generate additional revenue for this project.

So, please vote for this and following posts on this project. Hopefully this will result in a super cool auto-stereoscopic images!

When enough people are interested (by vote), the next following posts I'll make shall include:

  • Layout of the plans/goals I have for this project.
  • Detailed information on the project so far. I shall do that in layman's terms. But for other nerds like me, I also make posts with full hardcore technical terms.

I think what you are doing in your free time is definitely worth it. I also love those hologram-type images. It is revolutionary in my opinion that you've added color. I'm a graphic designer and I would be interested in finding out more about this and hopefully getting involved somehow. I'm following you to keep up with where you go from here.


This is a really cool use of the steem platform! I never thought about it in terms like this before, but every thread is almost a "Kickstarter" for your thoughts. The market, of course, deciding which thoughts are the most worthy. The fact that this one would serve as a literal Kickstarter is even cooler. Looks like a very nice project, I would be interested to see updates!

I'm also very curious to see how well the Steemit platform can fund "Kickstarter" projects! And you are right: Steemit is like "Kickstarter" for your thoughts! I do wonder if putting just ideas here is enough to get a project started. With, you make an additional promise to the people you pay, often a 'copy' of the final product. I wonder if I also need to do such thing? Otherwise everybody can just make empty promises and earn a lot of money. On the other hand... just sharing ideas on its own also has value, and I have to look at it like you get money for that.

I hope to see more on this project and hope you get it off the ground! Crypto will get you there ;)

Crypto is the future! ;)

Whoa Steem may be able to fund projects better than the DAO, and the DAO was proposed specifically for this but just disappointed us. Hopefully it recovers and hopefully you get some funding. All the best mate. Cool idea!

I was asking myself if Steemit also has a mechanism to reward pay-ers (=voters) in a later stage. Maybe the Steemit blockchain can be used to track voters so that later earnings can be (proportionally) redistributed back to those voters. That would be cool! That would give 'curators/votes' an extra incentive to vote for 'kickstarter' projects such as this one. Of course there also needs to be an incentive for the project-holder to do that distribution, but if the project is done in stages, defined by update-posts, the incentive might be so that the project-holder get more votes for his/her next post. Hmmm... I wonder if such mechanism can work. Problem of course is that 'later earning' will only happen after the project is done. So there is no need for the project holder to distribute anything anymore. Only when he/she has multiple projects that need to be funded. Food for thought.

Like 3D too, and this looks promissing.