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Hello everyone, I would like to tell you stories today. Stories that is real. Before I met Patrycja, a little girl was taking care of the parents who left. Daddy was not at birth and my mother decided she did not want to raise her. Wiktoria because this is the name of the girl about whom we are talking here, she is raised with her grandmother. Grandma, despite her age, still works a lot to deal with the maintenance of herself and her granddaughter. Every more or less two weeks, we try to go to visit Wiktor, spend some time with her and give her what is not there - her parents. She is a very energetic girl who has enormous problems showing her emotions and teaching what you see at first glance. Unfortunately, although he does not understand certain things with the naked eye, it can be seen that it left a huge mark on her. Today she had Holy Communions. We've tried for everything. Dress, bike, but above all love, support, and God who is infinitely merciful and good :)

On the sacrament of Holy Communion and the dinner we prepared later a certain person appeared. It was Victoria's mother who has contact with her once every few months. I do not want to judge and judge her because in due time God will return to earth to make the final judgment. Jesus Christ will kill Satan with his breath and will judge the living and the dead. However, I have no idea how to renounce your own child and leave it at the moment in which he needs you most. May the good God touch her heart and change it and fill it with love. Below are some photos of Victoria. I'll even find out with Patrycja :)


God bless you :)

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