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Today we went for a half-marathon in Meshchera Park! ! ! Morning dawned very early, at 5.00 I was already on my feet, then Breakfast, taxes and all that usually do before these trips. At 8.00 we were already on the spot. Lil nasty rain, and we didn't think to put on Sonya, rubber boots, a raincoat but took had a lot of People, said 2,000 people registered, and each with a support group, in General a lot.

My daughter was given the ball) ) )

We participated in the charity event.

Everywhere there was a large movement, despite the rain) ) )

Before the start of the mandatory warm-up. Sonia reheat very well) ) ) )

Okay , we're ready to start. . .

START ! ! !

Daughter also decided to run) ) )

Waiting for dad on the 7th km.

Have you noticed that my daughter the ball is already white? Blue she burst into tears and severely. The boy gave her his ball) ) ) ) )
And they are leaders flee

Look what's uncle ran. He's like the terminator.

And here is the dad) ) ) ) ) )

Support group ! ! ! ! !

There's even a dog was involved, he is also a medal at the finish gave) ) ) )

Soon finish, we cheer for our dad! ! ! !

FINISH ! ! ! ! !

Uraaaaaa! ! ! Half marathon completed! ! !

Now you can eat. Buckwheat with meat was so tasty that we all ate with great pleasure) ) ) )

Daughter got another ball) ) ) ) ) )
In Meshchera Park has a nice lake if I'm not mistaken, it is not one .

And on the shore are here are nice houses

Now the daughter finished ) ) ) ) ) )

That's a medal , so it can see better.

Here at this and all. Until we meet again))


felicitaciones gumer

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Kudos that you bring your kids to events like this .
I hope you had fun !
She's so cute!
Congrats with the medal - way to go!

Thank you.

Congratulation! I run half marathons, too. The last one year ago at Tegernsee, Bavaria, Gemany. What was your time?
Of course voted up :-)

Time not important important part)))