HodlingMoon - First Edition

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Dear Crypto-Lover,

Welcome to the very first edition of HodlingMoon! Let us tell you guys that we're so excited, we are so happy, we are really so thrilled to be right now sharing the most amazing, glorious, super-exciting magazine of the year with all of you guys!

Yes, we love crypto. And, luckily, so do you. We are not ashamed to say it. We spend way to many hours online. We look at the charts too often. We sometimes forget about our friends and family. We dream of world domination and we have a very libertarian mindset.

Crypto is like the wild Wild West, a whole new continent to be explored, adventures to be had, containers full of gold to be mined and adventures to be experienced. To ride the exciting waves of bull markets and to get plundered by evil robbers. To see new towns pop up when there is news of a new potentially huge gold-mine, only to see it turn rapidly into empty ghost towns when the excitement turns out to be based on nothing but a scam.

We are about to embark on a new journey, publishing a weekly Steem-Exclusive digital magazine. Our philosophy is to be entertaining for crypto veterans and to be informative for crypto newbies. We'll bring the news, opinions and other strange phenomena in HodlingMoon style straight into your timeline (if you subscribe by following of course). Don't worry, we will not buy your Facebook or Google information or spam your e-mail box. We like coffee, followers, upvotes and resteems. We also like your suggestions in the comments; do you have a particular Quote, Meme, Scam, Shill, Fact or Lingo to share with us? It just might appear in the next edition of HodlingMoon!

On behalf of the editorial team,

May the Spirit of Satoshi live forever in your hearts and minds,



Do you remember that panic rush that happens when you suddenly wonder where you left your keys? The adrenaline pours through your systems and in utter panic you fumble in every pocket of your coat, your pants and your bag, only to find the keys were in your hands all along.

Maybe you haven't noticed it, but the panic gets less every time it happens. After a while, people learn from their experiences. That feeling of shame, looking around hoping that no one saw you frantically searching for something already in yours hands, changes into the proud feeling of being in control: "Where are my keys??? Let's check my hands first. Oh yes, I'm a genius."

"Bitcoin is dead."

Do these words make you go straight for your smartphone, checking the status of your portfolio? You might get used to it. Bitcoin is sentenced to death all the time. At the time of writing Bitcoin has died 273 times in total and 42 times in 2018. Bitcoin is declared dead by news outlets every time regulations and legislations are enacted that outright ban the crypto-currency. Countries that have tried to ban Bitcoin with legal measures: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Morocco, Macedonia, Vanuatu, and Vietnam. But even in these countries the governments are losing this whack-a-mole game. New digital currencies pop up all the time and code can be rewritten much faster than legislation.

"Long live Bitcoin!"

The Bitcoin system, with its miners, investors, developers and users, is designed for being resilient, to able to withstand attacks. Hackers have been trying to break the system continuously since 2009. Major Bitcoin merchants (namely exchanges like Mt. Gox and Bitfinex) have been breached and over 1 million BTC has been stolen. But the Bitcoin system itself has remained unbroken. The code that it runs on has been updated and upgraded many times, countless clones of the system have already been launched and new features are designed and implemented all the time.

"What is Bitcoin?"

With all these changes in the code, with clones starting their own systems, with new projects starting similar networks but with differences in the way the system works, it's becoming very difficult to answer this question. In fact, nobody knows anymore. The most hardened crypto veterans say they don't understand Bitcoin. But most of them do firmly believe that their preferred version of Bitcoin is here to stay. And that blockchain will revolutionize the way the world and the internet works.




The platforms built by Daniel Larimer are all founded in one common theme, how to best serve a community by developing and releasing free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property rights. This highly philosophical viewpoint is very often misunderstood. While Dans products are outperforming nearly every other blockchain in terms of security, scalability, speed and fee-costs they didn't get the highest attention in the crypto community at first. This comes from the fact that Delegated Proof of Stake, the consensus model developed by Daniel, which is the at the core of Bitshares, Steem & EOS, is heavily being criticized for being partially centralized. EOS, which is Dan's latest project is set to launch in June 2018, but is already within the top 10 cryptocurrencies.


The world is not anymore what it used to be, no, no, no! APPICS is the next generation social network. It will empower its users, reward them with cryptocurrency, be completely transparant, make it easy to share photos and videos and will have a simply magnificent mobile app! Unlike on any other popular social media site, where 100% of the platform’s value goes to the shareholders, APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share, as well as influence in the network, through a cryptocurrency reward-token (XAP). And you can get a part of it right now:


Steemit has already successfully introduced the concept of turning “likes” into currency, and we all know how amazing, glorious and super-exciting the Steemit platform is. The APPICS team has been working hard on their product a for over a year now. Steemit has introduced the opportunity to launch smart media tokens on their Blockchain, this was the perfect opportunity for APPICS to be born.

What are you waiting for? Grab a piece of this pie, it's delicious!




"Crypto Snowflake"

An overly sensitive person, incapable of dealing with the volatility of the crypto markets. The snowflake incessantly raves about how much money you could have made if you would have bought coin x on date y, continuously posts pseudo-news (like re-brands and possible partnerships) on coins the snowflake holds, never ceases to talk about how price is up by so much in the past days and how coin X is about to 'fly to the moon'.

The true nature of the crypto snowflakes comes out in a bear market, where their pattern of conversation degrades from 'buy the dip'-variations, to emotional utterances of disbelief, hope, fear, distress, depression, ultimately resulting in selling off in silence. These people can often be found congregating in heavily moderated Telegram groups with likeminded individuals, notoriously dubbed 'crypto safe spaces'.

We at HodlingMoon like a lot of things. But we don't like crypto snowflakes. This is partly why we do not mind bear markets. If a continued long spell of downtrends is in play, it only reduces the amount of cringy snowflakes on Twitter. The less snowflakes, the more attractive the crypto market becomes. With every step towards the zero-valuation, our bullish sentiment increases.

As for financial advice, let us remind you, we could be wrong. Stay safe out there!


In the first edition of our soon-to-be world famous magazine, how could we not start with HODL in our CryptoLingo column? Hodl (often written HODL) is a slang term and Internet meme that is used in the crypto community when referring to holding onto the coins instead of selling.

It originated in a December 2013 post on the Bitcoin Forum message board by an apparently intoxicated user who posted with a typo in the subject, "I AM HODLING." His statement about he could not spot the highs and lows of the market caught on massively in the community and went viral almost instantly.

In the meantime, the term started a life of its own. Many have since then claimed the term to be an acronym for 'Holding Onto them for Dear Life". In 2017, Quartz listed it as one of the essential slang terms in Bitcoin culture, and described it as a stance, "to stay invested in bitcoin and not to capitulate in the face of plunging prices." After 4 years of extensive usage of the term, we can safely assume HODL to be the favorite mantra of crypto-currency holders.



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Well Crypto is here to stay as long as internet exist and the satelites controlling is above of our heads. Just please do not shoot down the satelite because I will lose all my crypto if it happens haha

Proud of you 😘

Great job.....this is a helpful piece.

I look forward to your continued publications.

I am glad you are on my feed....

What day of the week are you releasing it...will it be every Saturday?

Yeah, I'm aiming for every Saturday. So good I can use stuff from your posts, that was exactly what I wanted to ask you!

Wow! Man. Looks terrific! I'm excited for this magazine.

I have a couple of questions. Does following you make me a subscriber? Do you not have a separate site? Or am I just too dense to figure it out?

Do you accept submissions?

Thanks for the biggest thing since Thunderclap!

I don't have a separate site, it's a Steem-Exclusive :)


Feel free to grab anything I post and include it in your publication if you think it will be helpful.

Wow long post but , great content... followed and resteemed

Cool, looks like a nice new magazine there. Always looking for crypto news.

Thanks man! Do you happen to know any great writers that wanna get featured? I'm releasing this once a week from now on and will deplete my liquid steem and sbd for paid promotion to get trending.

Great post. Plz follow my blog sir

Just starting by setting the bar low enough to leave room for improvement.

GREAT to see you Fitzie! 😀
Welcome back 😊

Hey there Craig! It's GOOD to be back. Figured I might as well go for a weekly post and promote it with paid upvotes, see what happens.

This took me quite some time though, I hope it'll get picked up by the community and I get some articles for the weekly post.

paid upvotes.

Do you know if APPICS allows that sort of thing? Your article is good but I have a scruple with supporting those that support pay-to-play on Steem by buying votes. Considering moving to an alternate platform because it REALLY bothers me.

I know a lot of people try to act as though paying for votes is analogous to advertising but they are not the same.

On Facebook, you know when something is an advertisement but it's not readily apparent here unless you take the time to examine the votes and comments.

Good luck with you magazine.

I don't know much more than you about what APPICS will or won't allow. Thank you for the compliments about the magazine and I can understand the dislike for paid upvotes.

The general idea here is to not post 1-5 times per day, but rather only post once per week, trying my best to raise the quality of the magazine with every new edition. I'm hoping the community will get on-board and we'll have more writers and content creators with it.

Suppose I want to give this idea a fair chance to succeed and I have very limited funds (I don't have tons of SP), what other option is there else than buying upvotes?

The concept needs visibility for survival. Let's keep it real, this is the first time you are commenting under a post of mine. Is it a coincidence it 'just happens to be' promoted with paid upvotes?

Let's keep it real, this is the first time you are commenting under a post of mine.

Actually, it is not. Once upon a time, I commented and won a cat meme contest you hosted. It was way back but I guess I have pretty good memory. ;)

what other option is there else than buying upvotes?

If the project has value, people ought to vote on it without being paid to do so. Ideally, Steem would get back to manually curation and you would get those votes. But the greedy assholes have made it so that you feel compelled to pay for what they should be doing already.

It's fucked but I understand the plight. I've had the idea of creating a front end that filters out content with paid votes and individuals that excessively self vote. I think @emrebeyler just might beat me to it.

It's tempting to pay for votes for my anti-abuse projects because accounts need more rep to be able to effectively deal with high rep abuser but just can't do it man.

You certainly DO have a better memory than I do. :)

Yeah I agree some people ought to vote differently. I resteemed a post today that was seen by 40.000 people, mostly non-Steem people. For this metric alone, it should be acknowlegded. Stuff like that should get more and bigger upvotes, but sadly it doesn't. I can't change the system, so I adapt. I try to choose my battles carefully.

You may not agree with me, but I applaud your efforts. Feel free to act towards what you consider to be a better Steem.

Oh... So you didn't want me to be your personal town crier for that sweet etherium???? Huh. It sounded like such a good deal..... For me. 😂😂😂

That would be too easy, wouldn't it?

Congrats on your post!
WOW! 🤜🤛 👍

Looking forward to the magazine!

This is it.

Any news on SMT?

They are coming.

Waking up to see your beautiful magazine!!!!! I got a creme brulee... And you got a magazine. 😉
I will be subscribing... Because I am your crypto-currency follower in need of information! Lol

And I did know about the pizza purchase... I did not remember that it was 10,000 BTC. I wonder if the recipient HEDL (haha past form of HODL, anyone?) the coins. If so... Most profitable pizza ever!

Way to go on launching this!!! looking forward to more 👍

Simple goal: releasing 1 edition every week until the 250 Steem (1 ETH) is burned for 50% or less.

So the community decides how long this magazine will live, but I did my best to give it a visual style that 'fitz'

Please stop saying that you're burning steem lololol it kills me every time. I just keep seeing images of some rich guy tossing stacks of money in the fire to keep warm!

Or Adventures of Flapjack 😂 "we throw our diamonds in the sewer because we like the sound they make! Trinkle trinkle trinkle!" Sick humor! 😆

Maybe lets say "utilizing steem so carefully and efficiently so that dreemsteem isn't jealous of the amount that gets 'burned'."

Yes. Let's. 😜

I was not familiar of your Fitz style... Because I just recently became aware of you!!! But I have to say... Me likes it. 🙋

Better than @yallapapi.

Seriously fuck that @yallapapi guy. So overrated

Ooooh! Were you checking up on your padawan, or just watching the mentions to see what us people, who, for all intents and purposes don't exist, are saying about you?

The former. He posted in the promotion section so I thought I’d take a gander

Incredible photos of birds from around the world.

you are absolutely right, I really like, your post, hopefully we can menggai all these dreams, thank you

Pabloooo! I love Pablo!

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Excellent way to present content. Good luck!

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