Congratulations @alexaventuria!!! and Announcing our Beta Android Wallet!

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We would like to Congratulate @alexaventuria on WiNnInG the Cryptic Meaning #3 contest by @erodedthoughts!

Now you are free to celebrate your avarice like a squirrel with a good ol hodling of HOdlcoins!

You are the #1 Hodler today in our eyes! !

If you do not already have one of our various wallets then please visit us we are happy to help you navigate getting one.

Speaking of which I would also like to Announce our newest option in Hodling. We have released our Beta Android Wallet; Now everyone with an Android device has the power to hodl their nuts right in their pocket!!!

(Freetrade is so kind to provide us more ways to hodl our nuts!)

We have more announcements to come soon! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and if you are feeling supportive please go toss a vote on @erodedthoughts what a great guy! We will continue building a better coin with a community more like him!

Despite our jovial nature, these new developments open up the power for us to continue proving that we are active and that we are serious. We look forward to releasing many more announcements in the near future. Until that time we suggest you HODL on and support good projects so we can have a better and safer blockchain world.

As of April 10, 2018 we still have an ongoing vote to win a listing on If you have a moment please give us a vote. (no login or gimmicks just a click)


DO NOT USE YoBit to purchase HODL, you will not be able to withdrawal your coins!


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Thanks for your congratulations! :)

I have two question for you:

So I assume right that the coins in my wallet grow now simply by letting them in the wallet?

And secondly, just for general information, is there already a page like blocktrade or changelly where these coins can be the turned into Bitcoin?

Thank you! :)

Hello. They grow in wallet for period of 30 days. Or if you lock them in wallet(term deposit) they can "grow" for up to year. But for that you need to install Hodlcoin core wallet. Also you can always trade it for BTC on exchanges (look on for links) ..but i advise not to do it yet..i have feeling HOdl will go up in price :)

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