Cryptic Meaning Round 3 ~ 5,000 Hodl COINS + 3 SBD

in #psychology4 years ago (edited)

I came across this crazy squirrel and he had a bunch of nuts. 

Some were big and some were small. 

I was a little hungry, I followed this squirrel to see where he was hiding all these nuts. 

I became quite confused because this was an abnormal squirrel. 

He was in fact gathering nuts but not hoarding them. 

He was giving them freely to any other squirrel who wanted them. 

He was talking some jargon about freedom and a paradigm change. 

The part that caught me off guard was his words matched his actions. 

His nut collection could do something world changing, the method of collecting nuts was fair for anyone. 

The tree that released these nuts was also just there for anyone to freely collect nuts from. 

All you needed was a special nut collecting sack, the tree also produced those sacks for free. 

There was no oligarchy to answer to before the tree started producing.

There was no hidden path to the tree.

Everything was just there to anyone who wanted some nuts, to eat, to be free or to just be equal.

What a fucking concept!

My nut sac is now too heavy and full

Want some nuts?

Get a special nut sack

Meet @HOdlcoin a crazy squirrel just giving away his nuts.

Go to and get your special nut sack to play

Now that you have learned about the contest prize, let the game begin

What ONE word am I thinking of the describes all of the images below?

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Creative Commons Zero

Final clue is just a picture of Fucking Jerry

More on Hodlcoin

This Squrriel is still a baby, don't leave him alone in the cold



I'll guess the word is "wanking". What did I win?

Wanking is a handcraft, wanking in a car can lead to disasters, wanking is not approved by the church, there is always time for wanking, I'm guessing the weird picture is about female wanking, wanking can be done in a tool shed, wanking is about your "gun", they say wanking kills you, to wank you need hands and as a man, you can wank with your "snake".

I'm not sure how Jerry is related to wanking though.

Best answer so far but sadly incorrect!

I'm just thinking that it cold be

This is my third

No, there is no limit to guesses.

Ahmm, is it sin?

That nut-coin looks good, I'll have my financials manager check it ;)

LOL, no.

I think I resemble that squirrel ...

We can all aspire to be that squrriel

Just keep punching them in the snout. I'd prefer that to making my bed any day. I love the mentality of the seals and he only touched on the building side of it in that speech. Too bad so much around here is based off of the beating you down side.

Lovely fairy tale. :)
And Hodlcoin seems interesting too.
Is the word you're thinking of "art"?

HOdlcoin is very interesting.

The word is not art, lol.

birth or birthday

Oh I know, I know.


I think you mistyped "Yes!"

.... ....... anal thunder?

is it "witness"?

Nope, keep trying

is it blockchain?

or it might be supernatural?

Is it liberty?

OR freedom?or trapped?

Could be life?

Nope, try again as often as you like.

Lovely analogy @erodedthoughts. The word that comes to mind is Art

How about "time"?

Much wow! Nope, try again.


No sir, try again.

Ok, here are all the words I'm thinking of: the serpent, the apple, Adam and Eve, sin, death, church, communion, community, salvation, old stuff, time, the hands, God, salvation. That's all probably!

All good clues to get you to the correct word, depending on perception.

Worth? ;)

No and I am pleased you have joined the guessing. You pulled the last game out of your ass. I want to see if you can do it again, lol.

Haha, don't expect too much! I am not a prodigy :)

Don't sell yourself short, pull from the abyss of knowledge and produce!

Ok, my second guess would have been 'value' and 'materialism'!

Closest guesses so far, lol.

Haha, are you trembling already?


Is there a whole btc included in the rewards? LOL

wtf, that is actually the name of the coin. And the logo is a squirell. LOL, you have a lot of those weird coins my friend.

Just buy more power ledger LOL. POWERRR!!!!!


ahhumm.... weird? is that the word?

lol, no. Guess again.

Ahhhhhh..... fear? Damnit I give up... no clue what that is in the first picture.. and how the hell does jerry fit in with a dove and graveyard and @apsu in barbed wire? Maybe it’s a golden Apple...

No, the answer is not fear.

Jerry knows what's up. He is now top voter here.

No, good guess. Try again

ok... ridiculous??

nuts? ;-)

LOL, no. That is funny, to say the least.

It was the last three pictures, especially the final clue - see the facial expression ...

Crazy and suspenseful but nice as the squirrel

Great thanks my friend my lover and my upvote for you


Wonderful post ..thanks for sharing...Best of luck friend ✫ resteemid

Thank you, resteems are the best form of flattery.


wanking isn't affirmed by the congregation, there is dependably time for wanking, I'm speculating the peculiar picture is about female wanking, wanking should be possible in a device shed, wanking is about your weapon, they say wanking kills you, to wank you require hands and as a man, you can wank with your snake.


No but I fully get that answer, lol

demons, I keep thinking about those images

No, keep trying.

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