Time to HODL before harvest!!

in hodl •  5 months ago

Sometimes, when you have planned to harvest something like fruits, salads, or cryptocurrencies, then you probably have put quite some time and effort in it. Sometimes even quite some money, too. Several times, you get a nice view, in spring as example when trees blossom or when the first fresh shoots show and later, when it's almost time for harvest.


But then again, you have to think. The hardest part for harvest ist the right timing. If you focus too much on one thing, you probably miss some things that are going on around you.


Sometimes you need to take a look back!


Check, what is around you, the circumstances. Be patient. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just sit down, relax and watch your harvest until it matures.

Let's hope, no storm is coming that will destroy the harvest in the meantime.

all pics made with Lumix G70 12-60mm


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Thank you @pollux.one for posting this lovely missive regarding 'harvesting'......sweet!

Beautiful photographs and kitty-cat......lets hope everyone's cryptocurrency tree looks like this bountiful Cherry tree.

All the best to you and yours.


This simply the best advice of the year!

Hi @pollux.one patience it's the real word here because if you want to see profit you have to be a calm person because when you just think and think and think the result will be awful for your investement.

I like the theme, preseve before harvesting, and its applicable for crypto social too.

Sehr wichtiges Thema - und es ist immer wieder schön, sich mit jemanden wie Dir, der auch Ahnung von der Materie hat, darüber auszutauschen!!
Sehr schöner Post!!!

Great advice friend what kind of fruit is it, or is a investment on bitcoin hahaha raising in the theree


Hi @pollux.one! :) A true metaphor and reality for the harvesting process...
Resteeming this, cause it's useful.
I like your signature very much! :)

Looks to hold more of them perfect it is excellent shots :D

Patience is the key for earn massive and profitable harvest. In fact just keep hodl. Better advice through awesome example.

you made a great photo pollux.must appreciate that!

Interesting post sir.Much obliged for sharing it.

Much Bot Comment. Very Wow. Gotta wonder if the steemit ecosystem is actually working well or if it is just a bots upvoting / commenting each other.....


Not sure what you mean?!

Good post

Well said pollux! I can feel the harvest coming with full force.

Wise advice's will sure keep them in mind .
We just have to be patient and wait for the right timing !

Hope nothing bad occurs in the coming days !

I guess this is the perfect advice in this year with uploaded pretty beauty images @pollux.one.