Reading is my hobby!

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@sweetpea threw a hobbyhub challenge and I like to respond.
I fell in love with reading as I listened to a motivational speaker in a seminar. He used the story of Ben Carson to drive home his points.

I was highly motivated that went to my bank the following day to withdraw all my savings and I used all to buy books.

Reading became part and parcel of me that I spend many nights without sleep to read.
I read books from different authors and genres but my best of all collections is religious books.
Since year 2008 that I discovered reading as my hobby, I have read hundreds of books.
I love borrowing books from libraries and from friends so as to read faster because of the time limits

Travelling is another hobby of mine which I have incorporated reading into. In fact, hardly could you see me travelling without books in my bag.
I enjoy reading and love friends that are book worms who could challenge me on reading.
Sometimes I read up to four books at a time. That is why I like to use bookmakers. I keep books all around me and everywhere in my house. I have books by my bed, at the dinning, in the living room so that I can continue reading.
I also have a very large e-library which makes reading easier for me, with books on my phone, I can read anywhere at anytime. In the taxi cab, in the convenience, just anywhere I go.

Some of my books on display

I love reading because it keeps me updated and informed. One of the gifts you can give that I will so much appreciate is book.
Reading is my hobby I can't deny it.

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I really do love a good book too, there is just something so magical about reading a book and escaping into its pages! Thank you for sharing your hobby with us, good luck with your entry into the HobbyHub challenge! Upped and resteemed!


Thanks @sweetpea, its nice to know that you love good books too.

Great hobby that enriches the mind and the body. Very inspiring post. 🐓🐓


Thanks so much @mother2chicks

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Beautiful story! "I fell in love with reading" - I really don't think there's a better way to put this.

In school, I had to do a presentation about a book and I don't remember how or where the book came from, but it was 'Twenties Girl' by Sophie Kinsella that sparked my passion for reading and, funnily enough, at around the same time as you! I've re-read the book countless times; its spine is broken and the pages are yellowed, but it will forever be the most special book I own.

Which book could you never let go of? :)


'Baton takers' by Joseph Bimbo. Thanks @epeolatry

Very inspiring @petoz ! I do all my reading on steemit , its a great hobby ! Good luck !📚📚📚


Thanks so much @karenmckersie, I really appreciate

Reading is one hobby that pretty much guarantees that you will learn something every time you engage in it.

Reading was my obsession when I was a kid, but during high school, my interest in reading was stifled somewhat by the education system. And, as a teenager, I found more "fun" things to do.

Shortly after I graduated from high school, I started reading again, and, since then, my love of books / magazines has continued to increase.

Now, it's become my obsession again.


It's great to hear that @majes.tytyty, thanks for visiting my blog. You are highly appreciated.


You're welcome. Keep up the good work.