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Hi All,

A common problem that myself and other tabletop hobbyists have is that over time our paints go dry or lumpy, especially the older ones.

Adding thinner or water and then manually shaking can become tedious and only does a fraction of the work that a power-tool could achieve.

So today I made this DIY custom Hobby Paint Shaker for around $15.


To make this you will need to buy a cheap cheap jigsaw from your local hardware store. This one cost me around $10 on sale.
Next buy a couple of mini hand-vice clamps from eBay. The ones I bought were from China so took a few weeks to arrive.

vice clamp from ebay china.JPG

Smash the plastic on the jigsaw that prevents you from manipulating the vice that holds the sawblade.

Then insert the clamp and tighten the vice.

Do a couple of 1-2 second test runs to make sure the movement is unrestricted and the clamp is held secure.

Here's a quick video of what it's like in action:

Before and after photo of one of my paints that had gone a bit 'grainy'.
before and after.JPG

Now to get to work on restoring a bunch of my older paint pots...
old paint pots.JPG




I got some GW SKink Blue the other day, and I did not realise that "DRY" meant it was a plastic ball in a pot. Now I remember why I use vallejo. At least you get paint. I have to re-constitute the paint before I can even use it. Literally, dry.

And wow, hex pots. Those go back a way. I still have some inks, but no paints. Wish I had some Dark Angels Green.

Ah yeah the GW Dry paints are actually just pigment with no medium, meant to be used with stiff bristles for drybrushing.

I tried one ages ago and wasnt a fan, I'll stick to wiping the paint off on a paper towel.

I have a few Vallejo paints, not a fan of their washes though, I think GW make the best washes currently.

I am still using diluted inks for washes. I do have a few new ones, but find them not as controllable for pigments as the inks. Some also seem a little grainy when they dry. To be honest, have not tried the Vallejo washes. I do like their transparents though!

No brush in the world was picking up pigment from the "Dry"pot I opened. It was not even staining the stirrer I attempted to use, thinking it might have separated in the pot. It is soft, maleable plastic.

This is actually an awesome idea. Greetings from Croatia fella painter ;D

Greetings! Glad you liked it

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