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Hello! I already wrote about their Hobbies. And today I would like to tell you eeob one of his Hobbies. It's homemade sweets! I love sweets and love to cook since childhood. Yes, since childhood, years with 9 I have shown great interest in confectionery books, find interesting recipes, then ran to the kitchen to bring read in reality. I have to say that the reality was not always successful, was a disappointment and failure and even tears.But, fortunately, the failure gave way to an even greater desire to create and do! So up to this day. The last few years encouraging its sweets not only relatives, but also all comers, as are baked to order. In General, share with you my sweets: cakes, biscuits,
cupcakes, cake-POPs, marshmallows and of course CAKES)
Here's a look at what came out of it:

cupcakes, cake-POPs, marshmallows and of course CAKES)

I hope You liked it..



Not citing the source of photos, or using copyrighted photos, is plagiarism.

This is not plagiarism but my ad on Avito. Can call talk.It was given back in 2013.And I systematically update.

Can you verify that via your avito account?

todo esta muy lindo

These pics are fabulous! The daisy cookies are brilliant.

I like the one with the giant turnip being pulled!
I wish you'd do one cake at a time with recipe @gumer