Beautiful photos. I love seeing the green of trees. It's still snowy and white up here :( Hopefully the criminal activity in your neighbourhood subsides :D See you on HIVE!

Said activity has been ongoing since just before Christmas. 😅 Police have been involved but, alas... it's driving us crazy. Have barely slept in months!

I'd love to see it all snowy and white. 😃⛄️ It's green, green, green all year 'round here. Which is nice! But I see all these serene, peaceful snowy glittery landscapes, hoarfrost, icy trees, and it looks perfect. Probably won't seem so perfect if I have to shovel twenty feet of it. XD hehe.

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

I have fully moved there. 🙂 I'm just waiting 12 more weeks for my powerdown to completely finish and that too will be sold and transformed into Hive.

There are a few people who have chosen to continue on both chains, a few are staying here, and a fair number have chosen to migrate completely.

So far, in this first week of Hive, I've noticed a more positive, optimistic energy around the place, I've been getting more engagement than I would normally receive, and people seem to want to succeed and make a great decentralised-social-media-internetty home.

That's just my perspective though.

It might be a good idea to pop over to Hive, have a look around, and tinker about a bit while staying here on Steem, and ultimately making your decision that way. 😊

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

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