Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 47

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Thursday is Butterfly Day and Insect Day Giveaway- Week 47! Many thanks to all who have joined the Insect Pub Community! If you would like to join, please do the following:

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Gather around the Insect Pub to see butterflies and other insects from around the world, and to make new friends. Post your butterfly and other insect photos, or artwork for a chance to win Steem Basic Income units. A minimum of 2-SBI will be given away; 1-SBI for photos and 1-SBI for artwork. If no artwork is submitted, then 2-SBI will be given away for photos. Entries will not be judged and winners are chosen at random. You have 6 days for entries in this post and then a new one will begin. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful entries that I continue to enjoy. The 5 winners for Week 46 are: @antoniarhuiz, @mariita52, @deerjay, @slwzl and @gertu. I feel so bad for @gertu, the Insect Pub Cheerleader because she hasn't been able to find any butterflies or other insects to post for several weeks. Keep looking @gertu! Congratulations to the winners!

Here are the rules for the Giveaway.

1-One submission per person per week.
2-All photos and artwork must be your own work. Photos and artwork from the internet will not be accepted.
3-Use hive-100514 as your first tag if you would like your post to be listed in the community. Use #butterflyday or #insect pub as your second tag.
4-IMPORTANT! You must put the link to your post in the comments below to be entered in the giveaway.
5- Upvotes to this post are not required.

I am looking forward to your entries!

Here are my photos for today of the Chickweed Moth.

This pretty yellow and pink Chickweed moth (Haematopis grataria) is small with a wingspan of 3/4" to 1". A male is in the first 2 photos. How do I know it is a male? Because the antennae look feathery on males and females have thread-like antennae. Other than the antennae, males and females look the same.

You can find these moths flying during the day beginning in late spring. They are attracted to lights at night like the ones pictured here. I leave my back porch light on to attract moths.

I found this one on my glass door one night which made it possible to get a photo of the underside.

Thanks for stopping by!

All photos are my own.

Information Source:,


This pretty butterfly Gif is brought to you by @brisby. Thank you!

Proof of transfer.

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Amiga @whatisnew he ganado en ausencia jajaja, maravilloso. Esto es increíble.
Felicito a todos los ganadores, !! hurra por el concurso!!
Ni te imaginas las que paso, buscando. Las mariposas me huyen. Estoy perdida, ya los bichos no me encuentran a mi y yo menos a ellos. Pero seguiré buscando.

Friend @whatisnew I won absent hahaha, wonderful. This is incredible.
I congratulate all the winners, !! hooray for the contest !!
You can't imagine what happened, looking. The butterflies run away from me. I am lost, the bugs no longer find me and I less them. But I will keep looking.

Surprise, Surprise Cheerleader! Make sure you walk very slow when you see a butterfly. That's the spirit...keep looking! Thanks always for your support, even without insects. Hugs!

Ooooh Nice !!!
Love that flower.

Hi Anne! Thanks for your entry! : )

That plant is beautiful with that little bee, they make a beautiful picture. Greetings @annephilbrick.

Thank You..!
Sunflowers most beautiful 🌻😍😊.

Hello @whatisnew love the moths on glass doors and windows.
Unlike Butterflies, Moths will stay still o.o
_MG_0034 (2).jpg
Congratulations to all the winners this week !!
I still haven't captured any new butterfly/insect images yet...... I was stalking a couple of bees but they were shy =/
Ok lets see if this works O.o !DERANGED =p

Hey Bud! I have missed you! So nice to see you again. : ) I will never forget that awesome photo of your moth. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Thanks for stopping by and keep stalking the bees. : )

Yeah I'm out of hibernation mode for the most part. Weather has been warming up last couple weeks.
I was overcast and cold today tough so I didn't get out to take photos. I did transplant that bush with the purple flowers( some type of verbena I think) today. It will be going active soon, got to get it ready for my Skipper's =)
Also picking up some photogenic pansies.

I am glad to hear that you are out of hibernation. I am still in it, very deep in it. Can't wait to see your skippers and don't forget about the bees. : )

Greetings @cromio, I remember this image of your moth. Is beautiful. I can't get insects either.

Thanks @gertu
I got one for next week =)

Hello! Congrats to the winners
Here my entry for this week

Hi @tahiaarq! Thanks for your entry. : )

Cool I have seen a chickweed moth once before. Never knew its name though. Here's a few snazzy spiders for this week

Hi @sketch.and.jam! OMG...Spiders?!?! Thanks for your entry. : )

HI, @whatisnew
I have never seen one of this color.
The moth in the glass ... beautiful.
I'm a winner!
I didn't expect it in my dreams.
Thank you. :-)))

My pleasure @mariita52! : ) I do love the unusual colors of this moth.

Thank you so much @whatisnew!! Congrats to all of the winners! The colors on the Chickweed moth are quite pretty! I love that you got the underside photo..awesome shot!! 💖 !tip

My pleasure! Thanks @ deerjay, I leave the light on for moths hoping that they come to the door so I can get the underside photos. Thanks so much for the tip. : )

You're very welcome @whatisnew! Great idea to get a different angle too! 😉
This is my next entry:


I don't know how I missed sorry @deerjay. Thanks for your entry. : )

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Sorpresa!! Qué bien. Gracias @whatisnew. Felicidades al resto de los ganadores.

My pleasure! : )

Thanks 🌸 Congratulations for all 🐝🐞🕷🐜

My pleasure! : ) I will always remember that amazing green butterfly. : )

Congratulations to the winners, I'm very happy to see them all among the mention. @whatisnew, beautiful moth, I liked your colors, I had not seen this species. Thank you for sharing it. Let's hope that @gertu manages to participate this week. I'll be around soon.

Thanks @belkisa758! See you soon. : )

Gracias por tus buenos deseos @belkisa758, estoy tratando de hacerlo.

Why is it named chickweed moth? Does it have a relationship with chickweed?

The caterpillars of this moth eat chickweed, stitchwort, knotweed and clover. Sorry about not adding that info. Thanks for your support as always @goldenoakfarm! : )

Pretty little bugger :-)

I think so too, especially for a moth. : )

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Hi @mllg! Nice to see you here and thanks for your entry. : )

Saludos amiga @mllg, que bueno!! comenzaste con una bella oruga. Felicitaciones !!

Greetings friend @mllg, how good !! You started with a beautiful caterpillar. Congratulations !!

Howdy Butterfly! Great job on the contest again and I really like that night shot! So most people don't want to attract moths but you TRY to attract them!

I sure do try to attract moths. I will leave the light on for your too. LOL!

Haha! I love that phrase. Hey did you ever get more snow or just the one? Sounds like a record breaking mild winter up there!

Mi querida @whatisnew lamento decir que no encontré nada para el concurso. El único que me encontró a mi fue este pequeño Gecko bebe, que se metió a mi cocina en la noche.

My dear @whatisnew I'm sorry to say that I didn't find anything for the contest. The only one who found me was this little baby Gecko, who went into my kitchen at night.


Aw, the Gecko is so cute. At least you got some kind of visitor. LOL!

It is true!! jijijii

Impressive Chickweed moth i do love the coloring of Moths and there amazing sizes almost the size of a 😄 😄

Back at my favorite Butterfly , Insect Park !!


Hi @hangin! Thanks for your B52 entry. : )

Haha...i just love them B52's 😄 😄

Well hello Omra! So nice to see you again!!! Hugs! Thanks for your entry. : )