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RE: The HIVE FAQ 😲⚠️📢

in #hive4 years ago

I am happy with the FAQ a part of my questions is answered. There was one more but I forgot.
I still do not feel comfortable because of the German post I read. It feels as if you made not mentioned it here that those seen as the enemy are not welcome.
My answer about the power down and delegations is answered now. Thank you 💕


Thank you for the feedback and acknowledging the effort here. Totally the thing about this community.

I will point more to this post and partly translated it to some Germans. Thank you again I stop by to stay updated. 👍

I wish you a great day. 💕

Great to hear that. I will do another round today to see if there’s more questions/answers to add.

Was quite exhausting the day due COVID-19 stuff, but I am always eager to get home to check the Hive!

I thought too life would be easier with children at home, no rush etc but more people have questions, are chatting, the teachers make a mess out of it, we struggle to get online which takes a lot of time and in between I try to stsy updated. So it's good to have you and your FAQ. 💕

😅 same happening at my place... and i have 4...

I assume we get used to it. 😃

Hopefully not! =) I want my freedom back LOL

Joking... It gets better with experience like anything else.

I want my freedom back to. Mine keep themselves busy, are helpful, quiet but the house is full but since it saves me money it's a good thing. 😄💕

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