I will point more to this post and partly translated it to some Germans. Thank you again I stop by to stay updated. 👍

I wish you a great day. 💕

Great to hear that. I will do another round today to see if there’s more questions/answers to add.

Was quite exhausting the day due COVID-19 stuff, but I am always eager to get home to check the Hive!

I thought too life would be easier with children at home, no rush etc but more people have questions, are chatting, the teachers make a mess out of it, we struggle to get online which takes a lot of time and in between I try to stsy updated. So it's good to have you and your FAQ. 💕

😅 same happening at my place... and i have 4...

I assume we get used to it. 😃

Hopefully not! =) I want my freedom back LOL

Joking... It gets better with experience like anything else.

I want my freedom back to. Mine keep themselves busy, are helpful, quiet but the house is full but since it saves me money it's a good thing. 😄💕

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