I intend to fully support Hive.

in #hive6 months ago

This post is to inform everyone of my intent to fully suport the Hive blockchain. Shortly after the fork in a few hours, I will "power down" all of my Steem accounts, starting with this one (@steemed), and continuing in descending order of Steem Power. I intend to fully sell all my liquidated Steem over time, in a way that balances profits with my intent to shift all support for the Steem project to Hive.

I will remain "powered up" indefinitely on the Hive blockchain.

Once fully divested from the Steem blockchain, I will use any funds from Steem sales (minus taxes) to support Hive, either by buying the Hive token for vesting, or through other forms of contribution.

Currently most of my voting power is proxied to @sndbox, to support their wonderful contributions to the Steem community. I will continue to fully support @sndbox on Hive, but my support for this project will necessarily end on the Steem blockchain over the next 13 weeks, consummate with the reduction of my Steem Power.

Steem has been a great experiment in blockchain, but it has had its problems. Although I won't discuss these problems here, I do not believe that they will ever be resolved under the Steemit company.

Instead, I believe that Hive and the incredible community emerging behind it will be the next important step to fulfill the vision inspired by Steem nearly four years ago.

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