I'm Excited For Hive, I'm Giving It A High Five!

in #hive4 years ago (edited)

I've been happy about the news here in Steemit, been reading lots of posts lately and pondering on the many possibilities for our community here. Indeed it is exciting times, I am thrilled to know about Hive. I am hoping for all the best for everybody, who would have thought these new changes would happen, but I am so much positive about this and I am looking forward for more good years around here. This platform has been entertaining me and being a good outlet for my self expression for the last 3 years. I've found good friends here and been chatting with everyone from all around the world. I've enjoyed the DApps, games and a lot of the projects here. I am one with the community in wishing for progress and moving forward to more great possibilities here. Cheers!

Discover the Hive Blockchain, a Steem fork but a whole brand new community driven decentralized blockchain! Come and support a revolution! Follow @hiveblocks in Twitter for more updates.


Remember there is a difference between Steemit the company and steem the blockchain.

My bad, not to technical here but I get what you mean. Thanks for the correction, I appreciate it. !BEER

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I'm as excited as everybody. I am reblogging your post. Finally, some action in the community. I love this!

"This platform has been entertaining me and being a good outlet for my self expression for the last 3 years."

I envy your optimism. I am also trying on the Steem blockchain for approximately 3 years (since 2017.05.17), but no matter what I do, what I try, what I post, what I write about, almost (often literally) no one cares about my Steem blockchain posts. Nowadays the real human comments are rare on the Steem blockchain. Not just/only under my Steem blockchain posts, but under most of the people's Steem blockchain posts. Nowadays the average number of comments per post is around 2-3 on the Steem blockchain.

But at least I made some success lately on another social network, called Uptrennd. The real human interaction is real on that website.

Hi! I just returned here in Steemit after a very looooong on-hiatus mode. Thank you for this! I somehow have an idea about the changes in this platform.

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