30. Steem Austria Meetup @Hug Inn Vienna

in HIVE Austria4 years ago (edited)

mammasitta & lorna.jpg

Today we met at 6 p.m to talk about the steem blockchain and it's communities. @royaldna got to know @mammasitta and then @thermoplastic arrived. @vikisecrets also had time to join the meeting.

We talked about the latest news of the TRON cooperation with steemit.inc as well as about the launch of the communities feature. Then @mammasitta created the steem austria community as a forum for all the users who posted their content with the #steemit-austria tag since 2016.

Just subscribe when you are interested to use the feature to be informed about the meetups in Graz, Vienna as well as other austrian cities. Everyone is welcome to visit us here! We will host you. ;)

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@vikisecrets and @thermoplastic were drinking a typically Viennese "Spritzer" (White wine with soda). I was drinking a beer from Mittenwald, the place I was skiing last weekend.

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Now we are watching the CL Match between Bayern Munich and Chelsea London. See you at the next meetup or in the new community -> hive-199963!



I have also added your community to the new Directory of Geographic Communities...

If any details change or you know of any similar communities do let me know. Thank you

Thank you for your work always informing the steem Community! :)

Do let me know of any more meetups you have coming up in Austria and I will add to the Meetups Calendar...

I have the Graz meetup coming up on 29 February. Any more in Austria?

The next one in Vienna will be on the 31st the last Tuesday in March. ;)

Super - Heute wurde viel geschafft - und Bayern hat gewonnen. Halbzeit war 0:0, dann bin ich nach Hause gegangen und die Torgala fing an. Geht mir immer so, auf Wienerisch sagt man dass ich der "Knofl" bin.

Schön, dass du da warst! :)

Bayern 3:0! 😝

should you not have seen this - it is about what we talked about at the meeting: https://steemit.com/steem/@pfunk/the-case-for-the-temporary-soft-fork

Mammasitta! It was nice to finally meet you in person. Looking forward to the next meet up @Hug Inn Vienna on 31. March Tuesday @1800. See you soon!

Thank you for taking part at this memorable anniversary! :)

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