A few prohibitions which are well meaning

Educating children is a job that has not had much formal education with a major in parenting. Most young couples practice parenthood immediately without prior education. So like it or not, when they become parents, they must educate the children who have resulted from their marriage. Various kinds of methods of educating children can be learned while parents practice in daily life, this time I will share some restrictions for children so that they are not done to their friends.


The first lesson on the prohibition against children is the prohibition for children that they are not prejudiced against others, prejudice is throwing accusations at others without the right basis, a simple example is accusing others of evil deeds but without any evidence that justifies the accusation which is which this can lead to crime in friendship.

The next prohibition is the prohibition of spying among playmates, for example, peeking when our friends are bathing or sleeping, spying is bad because we can embarrass our friends because we have flaws that should be hidden to be visible because we are spying.

Next is the prohibition on seeking disgrace among friends, where the act of seeking disgrace can cause a friendship to be insincere because fellow friends will have a suspicion about their friends who have badness. Next is the prohibition of competing with each other in things that are not so important, when competition can be minimized, a sense of togetherness between friends will be formed and can foster unity.

In addition, it is important to teach the prohibition on mutual envy among playmates, because envy or desire is a very despicable attitude, which is the attitude of someone who is not happy when he sees his friends or relatives get pleasure, profit or gift, he expects all that kindness disappears from friends or relatives and if possible passes to him.

The next bad deed that is prohibited is mutual hatred and mutual enmity. But when you see a friend who is evil, it is permissible to have hatred but what is hated is what you do, not hate hating the person, which will encourage someone to correct, remind and correct his or her friends so that such hatred is love. The last thing is not to be hostile to each other because if they are mutually hostile, it will be difficult to create peace and mutual forgiveness between playmates which will worsen the friendship.


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