Paint by sticker kids - Puffin.

in 엄마의 카페 Moms' Cafelast year (edited)

Hello friends,

Today I want to share photos form my daughter’s favorite activity book. It’s still Paint by sticker kids. She loves it, and does one page every morning.

Today it’s a Puffin bird. Some people confuse ot with Penguin but they are actually two different species.


So if you remeber from the previous post how this picture activity is kind of like a puzzle.


We liked this activity so much that ordered a few more boos from these series.

Here you can see what other books look like.


I try to post every day, but some days we also do drawing or a painting. I hope tomorrow we will have something interesting to share with you.

Than you for visiting!


Have a good look at the picture.^^

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