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RE: World of Cricket - Cricket Anagram Contest #2 - 3 STEEM prize

in Cric-World 🏏last year (edited)

I googled to see if there is a quick way to solve these as the answer received was very quick. I realised that one can just put all these into and solve in 1 min :-(

I will give the prize because it was promised, but unfortunately I will have to stop these contests as its very easy to crack using tools like above. :-|


Oooops!! Sorry for the late response.... But this is a great initiative. Hope you will come up with a another one soon!!

Thank you, yes I will plan a different one as this is very easy to google and find out. :-(

Lol I couldn't find that.. 😁

Better you come up with a tried and tested game this time. Can't wait. ☺️👍

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