The Korean lesson with @vik24. Topic of the lesson " Clothes"

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Hello everyone!!
Today is a new lesson for Korean students!! Congratulations!! You are learning a new language!! A new language is very important for your brain activity. Do not be scared to start learning korean as it is super beautiful and easy language that can be used on multiple occasions.

Lesson Topic: " Clothes"

New Vocabulary:


Phrase builder

저는 오늘 _skirt 를 입고 있어요.
I today skirt wearing
In stead of skirt you can put any item of clothes.

무엇을 입어야 하나요?
What should I wear?

As you can see after the noun we have a noun ending 를 which means that something is in accusative case. If you don't want to learn all grammar categories then just learn like korean kids to use this ending at the end of the clothes item.

Education in Korea ( culture point)
There is a widely spread stereotype that korean students are overloaded with homework and lessons. This can be true and false at the same time. In general there us no homework for primary school. There is little homework for middle school. The hard part when you are at high school but it all depends on yourself. There is just pressure from parents who are aware of high competition to the best universities in Korea. Many things are changing in the minds of Korean parents.


-오늘 뭐 입었어요?
What are you wearing today?
-저는 오늘 바지를 입고 있어요.
I am wearing pants today.


Answer this question: 오늘 뭐 입었어요?



The task was easy, the question 오늘 뭐 입었어요?
What are you wearing today?

And the answer is pants with a blouse. Now I don't know how to answer this in Korean :D

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