My nominations for Steemit Awards 2021

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I am happy to participate in such a great event by @steemitblog. I hope next year we will have more categories. I hope that this tradition will lasts forever on Steemit. I am so excited to nominate wonderful people on Steemit.

Best Contributor


  • I think the best contributor is @milakz. She is truly an awesome admin and founder of Steem Skillshare. Her community supports many steemians who are showing their talents and skills daily. I noticed SC01 is not active on Steem SkillShare but she still manages to have booming support and she keeps the community active by creating more and more new formats and partnerships. She is a motivating and devoted loyal steemian who spends hours on Steemit.
  • She also changed her shop into Steem Mart and created a beautiful logo that promotes Steemit in Kazakhstan.


Best Author

For me the best author is @talk.chinese. I never thought of starting korean language course on Steemit. But I saw how cool was @talk.chinese. The people were interested in such course so I decided to start korean course and it was awesome Initiative. I think teaching and learning foreign languages is an awesome skill.


Best Community

STEEM SKILLSHARE is the best Community on Steemit that is unique and entertaining with truly great vision for all their members. Many members use Steem as payment thanks to Steem SkillShare. We also saw users give steem as birthday gifts. Thank you Steem Skillshare for hard work to support everyone. I think all steemians agree that Steem Skillshare is a new community that made a revolution on Steemit and grew so fast.



Thanks so much for your nomination and also for nominating the Steem skillshare community.

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