Korean lesson. Learn korean word 들다 . Multiple meanings

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Today we are going to learn Korean word: 들다


In my opinion, 들다 is a rather difficult Korean word as it has many meanings and it is importantto check the context. The two most commonly used meanings are:

  • 들다 = carry / lift / hold something
  • 들다 = enter / do / participate somewhere

There are many more precise translations, which depend on the context, but most of them can be broken down into these two. For example, you can also use the word 들다 to mean that you are a member of a club5050 ("club 에 들다"). In this case, it translates to "merge".

나는 동아리 5050에 들었어 = I joined the club5050 - literally: I "joined" the club5050

Moreover, when you want to say that you fell asleep, you can say:

잠 이 들었다 = I fell asleep - literally: I "entered" a dream

You must be really careful with multiple meaning words as the context is only way to know the exact meaning.

There is another fairly common way of saying you like something. The vocabulary for this lesson contains the word "마음". It has many meanings and one of them is "soul, heart". If you want to say that you liked something, you can do it like this:

(저는) ____ 이 / 가 마음 에 들다 - in other words, "___ entered the heart / soul":
그 그림 이 마음 에 들어요 = I liked this painting

고개를 들었어요 - I lift my head.
손을 들어요. -I raise my hand

Homework: write this word 30 times to remember


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Thanks for the lesson

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