Korean Lesson 2: Greetings in Korean. I joined club5050

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Steem Skillshare is truly super friendly and reliable community. The users are talanted and professional. So far I really learned a lot from @talk.chinese, @atim1234, @papi.mati, @juichiand etc. Your posts inspired me to start a course of KOREAN LESSONS. We know that Korean Community is super huge and powerful on Steemit. So maybe some of you want to learn Korean to start conversation with them.


First of all we must start with greetings, if you meet in person then you must really pay attention to the person's age and social status. But in any ways to give a slight bow is always safe. Korean naturally bow hundreds times per day. Bow becomes a natural reflex in Korea. You bow in shops, public spaces, hospitals, schools and etc.
The most popular greeting in korean is 안녕하세요 - annyeong haseyo, which means hello. If you watch korean dramas then you definitely heard this word or its short form 안녕.
** 안녕하세요 is a polite and respectful way to say hello. It is perfect for self introduction post.
안녕 is used between friends and means hi. You can't use it with elders.

**안녕히 계세요 (Annyeong Hi Gyeseyo) is a formal way to say good bye to a person who stays. (계세요 - stay)
** 안녕히 가세요 (Annyeong Hi Gaseyo) is when you say good bye to someone who leaves ( 가세요 - go)


Learn to write each word properly and try to write each word at least 30 times to remember them.

Thank you^^

If you receive an upvote and comment from some korean user on Steemit, then you must simply write
감사합니다 (gam sa ham ni da)
This is super formal and polite way to thank anyone in korean. You pretty much can here this phrase in korean dramas.

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 3 years ago 

I love this lesson. You explain so clearly

That's something! Communicating with Korean community on Steemit would be very profitable for both sides. I'll gladly learn Korean!

Great lesson from you. Hope to see many more of this.

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