Korean language lesson. Let's talk about colors

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Lesson: " Colors in korean language "

When you say a color in korean such as red, blue or any color then at the end you must add the word color ( 색)
So let's say red in korean will be 빨간색.


주황색 - orange
녹색 - green
갈색 - brown
파란색 - blue
검정색 - black
보라색 -purple
빨간색 - red
흰색 - white
노란색 - yellow
회색 -grey


When we talk about colors in korean, we must remember that the colors in korean language are nouns but they can be used in front of other nouns to describe their colors.

Sentence builder

제가 가장 좋아하는 색깔은 파란색이에요
My most favourite color is blue.
무슨 색입니까? - What color is it?
빨간색이에요 - It is red


How to improve your korean writing


Study korean language online but copy everything in your notepad so you will use also mechanical memory. You will be comfortable with korean handwriting and learn to write like a native speaker.



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Thanks for this wonderful lesson.

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Kamsahamnida - thank you🥰

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