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Hello guys!!
I hope you are well. I hope that korean lessons bring you fun. Do you read other people on Steemit?
그래도 돼요? - Is it ok to act this way?
This is so popular among korean speakers. You must learn it as the the phrase and use it when you want someone confirm you the actions or behave are correct.
피곤해 ? - I am tired
In korean language the personal pronouns are not compulsory
걱전 마세요- Do not worry.
All the negative aspects of the verb are placed at the end
점심 먹을까? Should we have lunch?
그래 - Got it
갑자기 왜? - why all of a sudden?

Popular phrases with particle "don't "

늦지 마세요- Do not be late


 2 years ago 

Is there any similarity between Korean and chinese language? Z

 2 years ago 

No, they are two completely different languages from different families. But there are many chinese borrowed words in korean language. We learn a little bit of Ancient chinese

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