Interview with Korean Teacher, who taught 100s of foreigners to speak korean

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I took interview from my colleague who is also Korean teacher to foreigners


@vik24: why did you decide to teach korean language to foreigners?
Teacher Seong: I started japanese and English as my foreign languages. It was a fun experience as I loved to pronounce the foreign words and communicate with foreigners. While I communicated with foreigners, they also asked me to teach them korean. Slowly slowly my hobby turned into my current job$$

@vik24: what is the most difficult about korean language for foreigners?
Teacher Seong: Everything!! ( laughing) I am joking but korean language is really difficult in terms of correct pronunciation and some grammar aspects. There are very strict rules, like word order.

@vik24: what is the easiest aspect of korean language for foreigners?
Teacher Seong: The easiest part is learning alphabet. It is so logical and precise the korean letters in comparison with reading in English.

@vik24: what was your favourite subject at school?
Teacher Seong: kkk, it was mathematics, but now I love languages. I started to study Spanish recently.

@vik24: why do foreigners learn korean?
Teacher Seong: I think korean language got popular thanks to kpop, as my korean bands became over popular all around the world like BTS.

@vik24: Do you think korean language can become even more popular?
Teacher Seong: Definitely. Korean industries grow unpropotionally fast at all spheres.

@vik24: Can a foreignlearn korean outside Korea?
Teacher Seong: yes, thanks to internet.

@vik24: What website can you recommend for learning korean online
Teacher Seong: TTMIK or koreanpod.101

@vik24: Have you been abroad?
Teacher Seong: yes, in Japan

@vik24: What is your hobby?
Teacher Seong: chatting with friends on Kakao Talk😁


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