The evolution of Chinese Character 龟。Turtle in chinese culture

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Ni hao everyone!!!
This is Talk.chinese lesson about chinese characters. Chinese characters are so beautiful and unique. I want to explore chinese characters with you. I think you already learned pretty many chinese characters.

Turtle in chinese.

The modern simplified character looks like this 龟. It had a long journey and now you can see from the picture how it was born and transformed. This character means tortoise 🐢 and turtle as well. But you can actually specify and say 海龟, 海 means sea or ocean, so together that means a turtle. If you see the character 海has the water radical, so even if you know just water radical and the character of turtle 龟 , you can guess that somehow this animal is related to water.
乌龟 - wū guī - means tortoise. We remember this name from famous chinese character of the movie called Kung fu Panda

I think turtle plays a big role in Chinese culture. Ancient chinese people believed that the shape of a turtle resembles the creation of the world. It also symbolise a long life.
You may also find interesting to read a bout dragon turtle that were created in China and made of stones.

Screenshot_20220126-182341_Chinese Character Stroke.jpg

Homework: practice writing this character


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