Love ❤ and Romantic Chinese Phrases for Valentine’s Day

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Ni hao everyone!!!

Today is St Valentine's day that means we must learn new love phrases in Chinese language. This is a super beautiful holiday that Chinese couples love to celebrate. We always buy sweets and the males cook something delicious. Chinese people are crazy about eating so all restaurants change menu for couples to attract more customers. The shops are full of things for people who want to make this day special romantic.

情人节快乐 ( Qíngrén jié kuài lè! - Happy Valentine’s Day!)

This is a very common way to say Happy - 快乐, just put a holiday name in front of it. We already learned many phrases with this pattern.

我爱你 ( Wǒ ài nǐ) I love you

This is the phrase that all people all over the world want to hear. I know that many foreigners love to tattoo the chinese character of love 爱. This is a very strong feeling that means you really like that person. Whereas 我喜欢你 (Wǒ xǐ huān nǐ -I like you) has less degree of feeling. That can be used even between friends.

我好想你 (Wǒ hǎo xiǎng nǐ - I miss you)

that means the person thinks about you a lot as 想 - also means to think.

你真漂亮 (Nǐ zhēn piàoliang.) You are very pretty

You can say this phrase just to females. Be careful as the girl may think you have interest in her.




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 2 years ago 

Thank you for such a romantic lesson

 2 years ago 

Reading the really Chinese phrase filled my mind. Dear Sir, I have a lot of love for you.

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