Learn Chinese character 舟。 The timber turned into a boat. What is done cannot be undone.

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Ni hao everyone!!
Today I decided to teach you another visually easy to remember chinese character. I think when you have visual associations is very nice to keep them in mind for remembering the characters and link them to certain picture.

There are many strategies how to learn new vocabulary. You must create your own strategies how to remember chinese characters is to see them as a picture as close to their meaning. For example, the character boat 舟looks a lot like a boat. So it is practically super easy to remember.
The boat man is very easy to remember as it is 舟子. When you see new chinese words with 舟 then it means is related to the boat in some ways. For example 舟楫 means a boat vessel.

Screenshot_20220213-005112_Chinese Character Stroke.jpg

Character as a component

般 that means a sort, manner or category
盤 - that means tray, dish or to examine
航 - to sail, navigate, ship, boat

Screenshot_20220213-005656_Chinese Character Stroke.jpg

Sentence builder

木已成舟 - what us done cannot be undone. This is a very good Chinese saying of wisdom. We say the timber that was turned into the boat. That means it was already done so there is no way to make something else with it.

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I really like to know the Chinese characters. You gave a very nice post gift. Thank you very much.

Ni Hao friend @talk.chinese, a fraternal greeting from my hometown, Maracay; Venezuela.

Here in my city I have been working for several years in a commercial premises owned by some Chinese who also speak Spanish very well, there are very few Asians who teach their language, perhaps for the reason that one does not learn it so as not to understand what they speak, but nevertheless from so much hearing and hearing and always hearing the same phrases, sometimes one learns it without realizing it by associating the sound with the subject that is being talked about in question.

Your post is very interesting, I hope to continue reading your interesting material. successes!

#affable #onepercent #venezuela

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