How to say popular Western food in Chinese. Lesson 34

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Nihao everyone!!

Welcome everyone to another chinese lesson with Julie!! I am so excited to teach you a very delicious topic.

Today we learn how to pronounce Western foid in Chinese. The pronunciation is much close to English since this food was imported to China, it doesn't have Chinese analogue.

汉堡包 ( (hànbǎobāo ) consists of these characters: 汉 (han) , 堡 (bao), 包 (bāo).


This characters were chosen because of its similar pronunciation to the original English pronunciation.

比萨 (bǐ sà) - piza

There are many variants of pronunciation since its not originally chinese word but, this is the most accepted for the written form. Sometimes people can pronounce it like 披萨(pī sǎ).


三明治 (sān míng zhì) - sandwich

This word was also translated by its pronunciation.


热狗 (règǒu)- 🌭 hot dog.

Hot dog was translated into Chinese by its meaning. So the character 热 - means hot and the character 狗 - means dog.



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Thank you so much for sharing the eye-catching humbarzar ,Sandwich then presenting many world famous foods in a very beautiful way.

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