Happy Chinese New Year!! Happy Tiger New Year 2022.  新年快乐!! 春节快乐

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Ni hao everyone!!

I was waiting so long time for this post!! I am happy to celebrate Chinese New Year on Steemit and on Steem SkillShare!!!! Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!! Happy Spring Festival.❤

新年快乐 - Happy New Year
We have many traditions in China that are connected with this holiday.
For example, the Chinese christmas tree is very different from western one. We decorate mandarin trees with red envelopes. Inside red envelopes we put money.


Chinese people think that the best gift for anyone is money. Both kids and adults this day recieve red envelopes , that are called 红包( hongbao). The kids love Chinese new year because they recieve normally a lot of red envelopes.

Many people put on their doors a sticker with character 福 (fú),which means prosperity. If you put it upside down it means the happiness already came to your house.


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Thank you so much!! Happy Chinese New Year!!

Wow this so amazing, Happy new Chinese year dear🤩

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Thank you!!

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