Chinese lesson with Julie. What is your Chinese Zodiac Signs?

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20220203_021816_0000.pngl everyone!! Nihao !! Da jia hao!!!
Today we continue to talk about Chinese New Year or Spring Festival as it us still going on in China for the whole 2 weeks. Today I decided to talk about the most common topic in the west about chinese new year is the Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

鼠 (shǔ) rat
牛 (niú) ox / bull
龙 (long) dragon
虎 (hǔ) tiger
兔 (tù) rabbit
蛇 (shé) snake
马 (mǎ) horse
羊 (yáng) sheep
猴 (hóu) monkey
鸡 (jī) rooster
狗 (gǒu) dog
猪 (zhū) pig

We call them in Chinese 生肖 (shēngxiào), and normally when we meet new people, then we always ask their zodiac sign. Why? Because it helps us understand on spot the personality of the person.

The History of Origin

We don't know exactly how and why these animals were chosen and why a rat starts such an important cycle. All we know is a legend about emperor (玉皇大帝 Yùhuángdàdì). The whole myth you can read here:,finish%20line%20on%20the%20shore.

What is your Chinese Zodiac?

The year 2022 is the year of Tiger.

Tiger is a very good animal according to Chinese culture so the year must be a year of change. Anyone who wants to change their life can rely on 🐅.

Screenshot_20220203-113135_Learn Chinese Writing.jpg

Homework: read about your sign

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Hehe I am a rabbit😊

Hahaha, I am also a rooster 🤣🤣🤣. Thanks for sharing this wonderful lesson with us.

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