Chinese lesson with Julie. Learn new Vocabulary family of 快

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Nihao everyone!!

We are starting intensive Chinese course. You already learned many simple characters. I explained about characters origin and radical principles. You can continue to master Chinese radicals. All natives never stop learning new characters so the same for foreigners. You can learn a lot now by simply following my Chinese series on Steemit. U haven't taught you grammar yet as I believe Chinese grammar is really simple and we can learn it on the way to new lessons.

Vocabulary family 快

The character 快means fast, quick or rapid. The interesting phrase is sharp knife 快刀 . Chinese people work very fast in the kitchen. You need to be really fast when you cut your vegetables. You can be fast in cutting just if you have sharp knife.


  • 快巴 - kuài bā - express bus

Whatever we do in China we always say 快 , as we like when everything is done really fast. Use 快 快 two times to show that it must be done fast.

Screenshot_20220211-175919_Chinese Character Stroke.jpg
Screenshot of Chinesecharacter stroke

快馬kuàimǎswift horse
進步快jìnbù kuàirapid progress
快刀kuàidāosharp knife
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Many have made a beautiful post. I read your post and learned a lot about Chinese vocabulary.

Thanks for teaching and sharing your lesson with us.

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