Chinese lesson: Electricity plus Brain means Computer

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Hello everyone!!
Welcome to another chinese lesson. Chinese language is trendy now as China is 2nd largest economy in the world!!!
Today I will show you how chinese people create new characters by combining old characters. These characters normally easy to remember and understand logic of compounding them.



  1. 电影 [ diàn yǐng] - movie or a film. 影 means picture, image, shadow or photograph.
  2. 电视 [ diàn shì ] - TV or television. 视 means to look at, to inspect and it consist of 礻 which means a spirit, and it gives just pronunciation to the character and 见 that means to see, so it gives a meaning to the character.


你常常用电脑吗? - Do you often use computer?

你看过这部电影吗?- Have you seen this movie?

Homework: learn new words and practice writing them.

 2 years ago 

Wow!! This is really fun. Now I know how to say electric brain is a computer!

 2 years ago 

Very good Chinese lesson.
Thank you

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