Chinese language lesson with Julie. Use this phrases to improve your Chinese language

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Hi! Ni hao!!
Chinese language is so hard! That's what my students say every day!! So let's make it easy to learn. Do not try to learn too much learn 10 popular phrases per day. Then use it online with your Chinese friends and you will remember them fast.


没事儿 (méi shìr) - No matter, no problem

This is the phrase Chinese people use daily. We say it whenever someone did something or when someone asks or offers help. It is widely used phrase .

Another thing is that the word thank you is really important to pronounce several times to express real gratitude. Chinese people love to repeat same words.
多谢 (duō xiè) — thanks a lot, you can use with friends and colleagues.
真是太客气了 - you are too polite.


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