Chinese characters. Interesting facts . Why is the horse radical in Chinese word mom?

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Hello everyone!!

Chinese language is so unique language that many scientists and linguists constantly dig deeply into different language layers to understand how it was created. Meanwhile we can also dig a bit into Chinese basics.
I understand that Chinese characters are very hard for foreigners. The majority see just drawings instead of meaning of the character. But each character has its own secrets to its meaning and pronunciation.

Let's take chinese characters such as

吗 - question mark
妈 - mother
骂 - to scold
码- - code

马 - is a horse and why is it in all of this characters?
Because it is responsible for their pronunciation. The pronunciation is all same " ma" but the tone is different..
" ma" of mom is third tone and ma of question martk is neutral.

So you must study Chinese radicals to understand the secrets of Chinese characters.



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Thank you!! It was fun!!

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