3 ways to say " Got it" in Chinese. Speak like a Native😉

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Hello everyone - Ni hao!!

I decided to teach you some handy phrases in Chinese that will be useful for you to communicate with Chinese people like a native.


嗯 [en] is a very common way to express the meaning " GOT IT", it means yeah, okay, huh. It is a very informal way to show that you understood what the person told us.

好 - means good. We can easily use this word in all situations when we agree with others or to express our positive reaction to the situation.


知道 means to know, when you want to say that you understood something like I got it. Now I am aware of it.

Sentence examples

"来杯咖啡吗?" “嗯,好的。" - Would you like something coffee? " Yes, please"

Screenshot_20220204-225355_Chinese Character Stroke.jpg
Screenshot from free app Chinese Character Stroke

Screenshot_20220204-225832_Chinese Character Stroke.jpg

Homework: Practice writing chinese characters and use these words

 2 years ago 

I always look forward to your lessons..they are always educative,I hope I get to speak Chinese fleuntly someday

 2 years ago 

Zhi dao le!! Got it!! Thank you ! Hao!!😁

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