Numerology | The number 7 | Meaning of the Numbers

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Numerology 7 incorporates a very special meaning, because it represents protection and safety and is taken into account a mystical number that brings good luck.

In the past, the amount 7 was considered an emblem of life and perfection. People surrounded by angel number 7 are very loving, sensitive and compassionate, however they will be ready to have inflexible thoughts and mind patterns.


Neptune is that, the astrological equivalent of the amount seven.
Therefore, people of this number are usually very protective, they understand how to acknowledge and appreciate the boldness and courage in others.
They feel a particular suspicion and distrust of these fleeing the issues or critical situations or the varied challenges that life can present them.

People very near this number almost never arouse help, because they themselves are ready to establish and achieve their goals or goals, obstacles don't stop them and do everything possible to attain them.
A peculiar characteristic of those people is their level of insanity, they have an inclination to urge involved in inflexible positions or lines of thought. There are times once they may act illogically or for no reason, simply because they do not change their mind or opinion. For them, changes of this nature are a severe lack of personality and an emblem of weakness.
Therefore, they defend their position, irrespective of whomever it's.

People who are very near the quantity 7 place more importance on consistency and courage than the cultural level that folks can have. But they're very kind and protective of their family and closest friends, and always show themselves very confident within the world. They're a part of that group of individuals who help others without expecting any reasonably recognition.
For many, these people could appear indifferent or insensitive to certain situations or things, and that they also seem to possess little initiative when it involves doing something. But the reality is that when something interests them, they offer themselves completely and fight until they comprehend, implementing progressive and innovative ideas or processes. When they do something or make a choice, they think a thousand times, they analyze everything right down to the littlest detail, they're very attentive and curious.

To feel confident in what they're visiting to do or decide, they need to look at it and study it firsthand. They're also very independent, although they will be very suspicious of what they are doing not know or are 100 percent dominant. Those who are very near the amount seven usually make the proper decisions, only in many cases it takes too long, because they over-analyze situations, irrespective of what nature they're.
They have a tendency to over-review each of the variables and possible outcomes, causing them to require longer than necessary. Their priorities aren't the identical as everyone else, spirituality may be a fundamental a part of their life. They feel a special attraction for the mystic, which increases their self-awareness.


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