Numerology | The number 5 | Meaning of the Numbers

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In numerology, it is recognized that the number 5, more than any other number, belongs to change and adaptation.


Numerology 5 is, in fact, linked to movement and the inability to remain still. This means that people who see this number often or recognize themselves in this number are very independent, adventurous and bound to change all the time.

By their nature, they tend to adapt well to change and really thrive during transitional periods.

As a regeneration number, five encompasses the principles of growth and the need to go beyond the limits of the ordinary to achieve freedom, but this number also represents surrender.

Since the number 5 is strongly linked to change, those who experience it must have an innate confidence in the power and intelligence of the Universe. Mistakes don't happen and risks aren't really risks to people close to number five, they are simply being led by the Spirit and taken away by the divine.


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