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The number two, in the orthodox numerology, represents the duality and the union of two elements.

The number two stands, therefore, a symbol of relational relationships, associative and diplomats. The two is also considered the number of the couple report.

The relationship with the two is characterized by a high degree of intimacy and participation. Sensitive and conscious, the person of number two is prepared, where necessary, to extend support to others, as well as to himself, demonstrating friendship, understanding and tact in all aspects of everyday life.


The number 2 brings with it an innate and deep female energy characterized by a strong magnetism.

During his life, the person of the two is the continuous and capable search for harmony. This attitude is the result of his awareness of being part of everything.

One of the distinctive elements of the two is indecision: this is because the people of this number are brought to see the double aspect of everything. The number two knows how to seize the sense of duality and division, however, for this reason, tends to stimulate the conjunction will.

In other words, the person belonging to this number creates a considerable desire to melt and aggregate everything around. And, with this "everything" tries to establish, in a continuous way, balance and harmony.


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