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My tips to newborn mums


  • I find that cutting with small scissors rather than clippers is much easier and faster. My baby lets me cut a couple and then wants to move so I don’t do all of them in one go.
  • Teeth brushing we've done since the first tooth, and had various phases of cooperation. First he loved, then there was a resistant phase but I kept at it, even if it was just 2s and I explained why we need to brush teeth etc. Now it's just part of the routine and he expects and even asks for it. Always my turn first, and then it's his turn (he used to enjoy sucking/chewing), and then either she or I wash the toothbrush and put it away. He has a stepstool now so he can wash at the sink by herself ✌️
  • Potty training I always start in spring/summer. Girls run around the house with only a dress and nothing under it. And boys with a long tshirt and nothing under it
  • I always used some kind of blanket but just recently started using a tiny pillow, not all the time though. And he still throws the blanket at one point :)



Wow so lovely, I should do this to my future child too.. it would have been so complete if you had just dropped a picture of her in this post, i can imagine how beautiful she will be..
Up caring mothers.

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Thank you for tips!

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